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Electrical MCB Channel Manufacturer from Indore

Electrical distribution systems must have MCB channels because they offer dependable and effective protection against overcurrent’s. They are frequently employed in industrial, commercial, and residential settings.

In Control Panels, these profile Parts are frequently utilised. Din Channel, C Profile, and Lipped Channels that we make are widely used in control panels.

1Lipped Channel Sections1.5
2Din Channel Section 35x15x5.51
3Din Channel Section 35x15x5.51
4Din Channel Section 35×7.3×51
5C- Profile Section2

An electrical MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) channel is a safety feature that guards against overcurrent’s brought on by short circuits, ground faults, and overload currents in electrical distribution systems. A distribution board, a metal enclosure that houses numerous MCB channels, circuit breakers, and other electrical components, is where MCB channels are mounted.

Depending on the electrical load and the type of application, MCB channels are available in a variety of current ratings, ranging from a few amps to several hundred amps. Three key parts make up MCB channels:

The primary safety device that finds and stops overcurrent’s is the MCB. The circuit is tripped by a thermal-magnetic mechanism when the current exceeds the rated value for a predetermined amount of time.

All of the MCBs on the distribution board are connected to the primary power source via a metal bar called the busbar. It offers all of the MCBs a single electrical connection.

The MCB and the busbar are enclosed in a metal or plastic case called the enclosure. It offers defense against unintentional contact with live components, as well as against dust and moisture.