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Automobile Panel and CRF Sections Manufacturer in Indore

Automobile Panel And CRF Sections in Indore

Ancillary Units of the Automotive Industry like Ashok Leyland and Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles are turning to Ajmera Metals as a top supplier of Panel and CRF Sections of Light Commercial Vehicles and Bus Bodies.

Many of our extensive product lines include:

Sections for LCV and bus bodies  such are the M Section, H Section, Vent Rail, Cant Rail, Hat Section, and Angle Section.

Bumpers, head board panels, horizontal channel sections for LCVs, and side panels for floors in MCVs.

Panel sections like side panel floor panel in 73 mm pitch and 112 mm pitch.

ProductsMaterial specificationPitch/Depth of Corrugation (mm)Dimensions (mm)Thickness Range (mm)Yield
Strength (Mpa)
Standard Codes
Corrugated PanelsCold Rolled Steel (CR) 73 Pitch401 to 11251.0   to 1.5 250 IS 513
112 Pitch514 to 12001.0 to 1.5250IS 513
 CRF SectionsHR Size: Web: 15 mm to 200mm, Height: 20 to 75mm1.6 to 5.00 mm250/350IS 10748, IS 2062
Swiss ProfileHR Up to 10 mtr2250IS 1079, IS10748


Ajmera Metals, a distinguished name in the industrial sector of Indore, excels as a leading manufacturer of Automobile Panels and CRF (Cold Rolled Formed) sections. With a strong commitment to precision engineering and quality craftsmanship, Ajmera Metals is the go-to choice for those seeking high-quality components for the automotive industry in the region. You can reach them at +91 70241-55341 for inquiries or to place orders.

Automobile panels and CRF sections are critical components in the automotive manufacturing process. They play a pivotal role in shaping the exterior and interior of vehicles, contributing to both aesthetics and structural integrity. Ajmera Metals’ expertise in manufacturing these components ensures that they meet the rigorous standards demanded by the automotive industry.

As a trusted supplier, Ajmera Metals understands the need for reliability and consistency in the production of automobile panels and CRF sections. Their state-of-the-art facilities and skilled workforce guarantee that the products they offer are of the highest quality, making them an ideal partner for automotive manufacturers and related industries.

In your search for a reputable manufacturer of automobile panels and CRF sections in Indore, Ajmera Metals, with their contact number +91 70241-55341, should be your first choice. Their dedication to precision and quality assurance ensures that their products not only meet industry standards but also contribute to the excellence of your automotive projects.